Manufacturer and exporter of fine rattan and wooden furnitures and basketry


Who We Are

We are a foreign investment company in Indonesia (PT PMA). We have been serving our customers for 30 years as contract manufacturers of furniture and basketry made from rattan, bamboo, wood, and other natural fibers.

Findora has secured its own raw material supplies in Kalimantan (Borneo), mainly for small-diameter rattan, and on Sulawesi Island, mainly for large-diameter species of rattan.

Our factory in Cirebon has 6+ Ha of buildings and infrastructures and expanding, including:

  • Rattan and wood raw material storage and processing plant (splitting, polishing, sizing…machineries),
  • Fully CCTV on factory floor and in our secured and closed loading docks for loading 6x40ft containers simultaneously,
  • 2 Fully conditioned export storage warehouses (temperature and moisture controlled) for 40x40ft containers,
  • 10 Water-curtain spray booths for finishing,
  • 1 Fully automated flowcoater-unit,
  • 2 Automated finishing conveyor lines with hot air drying tunnels,
  • Insect heat treatment unit (no insecticides)
  • 24/7 security with CCTV.


Monthly Capacity

240 x 40ft



Sustainability and Compliance

  • Findora actively participates in Rattan Replanting and Plantation Management Program, in the Rattan Sustainability Project – A Trilateral Cooperation of the Palu City Govt, SNV (EU NGO) and PT. Findora Internusa (Private Sector)
  • We are fully FSC Certified
  • Use of environmentally friendly finishing products (waterbased lacquers etc…)
  • Environmentally friendly pest control measures and heat-treatment,
  • Use of alternative energy and Solar power,
  • Recycling of our waste materials in briquets and pellets for heat and steam generation,

We are committed to improve our efficiency and to protect our environment by finding innovative ways to reduce our CO footprint and being more responsible for the use of natural resources in our production and supply chain.

  • Water treatment plant
  • Water purification installation (for drinking water)
  • Rainwater recuperation
  • Research for alternative sustainable raw materials,
  • Continuous sensibilization, training and education of our farmers, collectors, homeworkers, staff and factory workers.
  • Full control of our supply chain from forest sourcing of raw materials till finished product,
  • SVLK certification, Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (Indo-TLAS) in accordance with EUTR and US Lacey Act
  • Development of Rattan Chain of Custody